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Born May 20, 2016

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How We Chose A Bengal Cat


Tigger, the Maine Coon,  was  born in the back of a Pet Smart. Someone had dropped of a pregnant cat and the kittens were born at this store.  I fell in love with him at first sight and brought him home.

He had long hair – so you know what that means. Lots  of brushing and hair flying about  and  dander.  So this time I wanted a cat more  “hypo allergenic”. I don’t think any cat  is  100% hypo allergenic,  the Bengal  I was told, sheds very very little, if you pick  the right one – and has less dander, allegedly,  than most cats.

So  we began our search. We found a reputable breeder   here in Chicagoland. She had just had some kittens  and there were 2  left. We  sent her a deposit  based on a photo and a video we saw. The breeder was 2 hours  away and we could not get there for a couple days. So she held the cat for us.


WOW!  Love at first site! And this kittens coat is magnificent!  Like  VELVET with hues of glittery gold that sparkle in the sunlight!  This is so exquisite, yet so hard to capture in its entirety on film! The golden glow of a Brown bengal or the pearl dusting effect on a lighter coloured Bengal must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.  Now I am told,  the glittery  fur  is usually  softer  and more like  velvet –  but I don’t  know that  for  fact.  Some find the best way of describing it is that it’s more like a pelt than fur with its feel of satin or silk, being short and plush.


They are  SUPER  inquisitive  and  want to explore  and  examine  EVERYTHING!


We were told  females  usually  run  8-12 pounds. Sometimes bigger, sometimes  smaller. Their bodies are large, lean and muscular with substantial bones.  Their back legs are slightly longer than  their front ones, reminiscent of their  wild ancestors. Their heads are relatively small in relation to their bodies and should be a little longer than wide, with medium to small ears. And the ears have this “thumbprint”  on them. It’s  very unique.



So we are still learning a lot about her, but we love her to death!  Another good site we found with useful information, is Bengal Cat World.


So stop back soon and see us — the site is just starting to grow!

Tigger, Trixie Lee and Now Symba, the Bengal Cat



The back story –

We had a big  cat  named  Tigger. 15#.  He was a Maine Coon.  When Tigger was about 9 years old, our best friend  bought us a  Yorkie, who we named  Trixie Lee.   All Trixie Lee  wanted to do  was jump and play with Tigger –  but Tigger  wasn’t  having it!   For  about  1  year.  Then  when the Yorkie  could jump up on the couch with Tigger,  he kind of slowly  gave in, and they became great best friends.

As Tigger got older, she was really  slowing down.  At  18  she became less active.  And  at 19  she started having health issues and suddenly  started  losing  weight. And we had to say goodbye to sweet  Tigger  🙁


Baby Trixie  above….


Trixie  at about  7  above….

That was earlier this year. And Trixie was now 9 years old. So what do we do – we get a kitten  for her. A beautiful Bengal we call Symba. Now the roles were reversed. All Symba  wanted to do was play with the dog. Trixie lee was not really having it.  We thought it would be good for her, since she and Tigger bonded so well.  We have had the cat now about 3 months. And Trixie Lee is starting to come around  more and more.  Trixie just wants to be the Alpha Diva!  And  most  want to be dominate, I am told.  But  Symba  is willing  to be passive  and gentle  with the dog. They will be best  friends  I am sure, in a few more months.

Trixie  has her own site  for about 8-9 years  now  I think….www.MiniatureYorkshireTerrier.blogspot.com

And it is quite popular!  She gets  about  1500-2500   readers  a month.  It’s mostly  cute  photos  and we share  some  information and news. So we thought we would share our Bengal experience  here, with all of you!