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Born May 20, 2016

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Bengal Cats WILL Break Things


These felines are exceptionally intelligent and they like the process of learning. They respond to tricks at a faster pace and you should plan the tricks for them in order to keep them busy as they are hyperactive and can get their energy utilized in negative activities.

When they get bored – THEY GET INTO THINGS!

Bengal kittens can also have destructive nature. So you need to make special arrangements for rescuing your furniture, electronics and other stuff. For this you may provide with activities to divert their attention and some posts for scratching that will help them release their negative energy. MINE  loves to break  items up on shelfs.  In  6 months  she  has  broke  about  6 items, totaling  $900.  I  HAVE  LOTS  OF THINGS  in my home.

BENGAL CATS  need nonstop mental stimuli for which you need to buy them interactive and intelligent toys like puzzles. And the worrisome element is that they get bored from the toys easily and need new toys after some time. You may also have to design some games and toys for them.

These have helped us with our  cat –

AND THIS – LESS THAN $3!  She has  3  of them.  She  carrys  them  all over  the house!

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