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Born May 20, 2016

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How to Keep a Bengal Cat Amused and Engaged

We have found that some of the simplest things make  the  Bengal cat happy!  She  loves  boxes  and  bubble  wrap  and  paper! She likes  the noise,   she  likes the exploration of digging through things,  and she enjoys being covered.

Have you heard the expression, “10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag?” This is not my cat, but my cat does this!

She THINKS,  she can fit into anything!

We also took a shoe box  and  cut small holes  into it.  Then we stuff small  balls  and treats  inside  and  she will try to dig them out.  But  with all of her toys, we DO NOT  leave them laying around.  After she has played  with it,  we put  it  away  out of sight.  Then when we bring it out, it’s like a new  toy  for her.  We found  when they were left out, laying around,  she grew bored  with them.

Here  is a great example  of  cats exploring  and digging around a  box!





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