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Tigger, Trixie Lee and Now Symba, the Bengal Cat



The back story –

We had a big  cat  named  Tigger. 15#.  He was a Maine Coon.  When Tigger was about 9 years old, our best friend  bought us a  Yorkie, who we named  Trixie Lee.   All Trixie Lee  wanted to do  was jump and play with Tigger –  but Tigger  wasn’t  having it!   For  about  1  year.  Then  when the Yorkie  could jump up on the couch with Tigger,  he kind of slowly  gave in, and they became great best friends.

As Tigger got older, she was really  slowing down.  At  18  she became less active.  And  at 19  she started having health issues and suddenly  started  losing  weight. And we had to say goodbye to sweet  Tigger  🙁


Baby Trixie  above….


Trixie  at about  7  above….

That was earlier this year. And Trixie was now 9 years old. So what do we do – we get a kitten  for her. A beautiful Bengal we call Symba. Now the roles were reversed. All Symba  wanted to do was play with the dog. Trixie lee was not really having it.  We thought it would be good for her, since she and Tigger bonded so well.  We have had the cat now about 3 months. And Trixie Lee is starting to come around  more and more.  Trixie just wants to be the Alpha Diva!  And  most  want to be dominate, I am told.  But  Symba  is willing  to be passive  and gentle  with the dog. They will be best  friends  I am sure, in a few more months.

Trixie  has her own site  for about 8-9 years  now  I think….www.MiniatureYorkshireTerrier.blogspot.com

And it is quite popular!  She gets  about  1500-2500   readers  a month.  It’s mostly  cute  photos  and we share  some  information and news. So we thought we would share our Bengal experience  here, with all of you!